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List of Consulting Services

1. Wholesale import consulting services
2. Ministry of Agriculture Licensing Services
3. Ministry of Trade Licensing Services
4. Ministry of Industry Licensing Services
5. BKPM Licensing Services
6. Services for moving the location of stockpiling
7. Goods auction services
8. BCF15 Services
9. Bonded Logistics central PLB services
10. Bonded Zone Services
11. LCL part off container services
12. Manifest Redress Service, consignee, type of amount of brg etc
13. Temporary expense services with Vooruistlag guarantees
14. Services for managing KB, PLB, GB and AEO permits
15. DGCE import duty exemption and/or relief services
16. Import pre-shipment inspection services
17. Export pre-shipment inspection services
18 consulting services HS number
19. Facility goods consulation services
20. Temporary import services
21 further import and transport services
22. Moving goods management services
23. Embassy goods management services
 product export services 24. Passenger goods management services
25. Grant management services
26. Goods management services for social, religious, etc
27. Export permit services
28. Export goods services for repair
29. Oil goods import services
30. Ex bonded area goods management services
31. KITE permit management services
32. KITE goods management services (export destination industrial areas)
32. Management of bonded logistics center goods
33. Import service PJT (deposit service company)
34. Import services by air
35. Services for importing goods via POS and then Customs
36. Passenger goods import services
37. Import and export services of excisable goods
38. Services for handling import requests, priority requests and AEO
39. Repair export services
40. Non-new capital goods import services
41. Customs Value consulting services and levies in the context of imports
42. Consulting services for the import of telecommunication products (IMEI)
43. Goods management services for foreign nationals
44. Mining product export services
45 forestry industry product export services
46. Marine and minin